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Shopify Integration Steps
Shopify Integration Steps
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Step 1: Install Shopify app

Install the Whatmore Shopify app in your Shopify store:

Step 2: Activate subscription

Select a plan by visiting the Plan section in the app. You get a 7-day free trial after activating the subscription plan.

Step 3: Upload content

In Video Content go to Add Video to upload content from your local computer or import directly from Instagram by specifying the username or pasting the Instagram reel directly.

Note: For importing videos from Instagram in bulk, reach out to us.

Step 4: Tag products

Once the videos are uploaded, the next step is to tag products on the videos. Click on the video in Video Content and tag products in the right drawer. You can tag multiple products in a video as well.

Step 5: Enable videos for Homepage

For adding the videos to the homepage video carousel, toggle Enable on Homepage button to enable/disable the video on Homepage Carousel.

Note: It is enabled by default while uploading the video.

Step 6: Add video carousel in Homepage

  • To enable the carousel on the homepage, go to the theme editor. Select the Whatmore Carousel section from the dropdown and add the section.

  • Customize the look & feel of the carousel (options available in the section):

    • Heading: section heading. Ex. Watch and Shop

    • Tile type: choose any template that suits you best

    • Video view count: show or hide views on the video carousel.

    • Primary theme color: color used for the section heading text.

    • Secondary theme color: used for the Add to cart button, other CTA, etc.

    • Title font: the font used in the heading.

    • Primary font: the font used for product details, etc. in the video.

    • Title font size: the size for the heading.


Sometimes, the theme editor blocks the section in the dropdown options. In such cases, please add the code snippet from here in the theme by going to Edit Code.

Step 7: Add floating video card in product page

  • To enable the video popup on the product page, go to theme editor > app embed. Enable Whatmore Product View.

  • Customize the look & feel of the video popup (options available on expanding the Whatmore app embed):

    • Control the video popup size on mobile & desktop.

    • select font & color to match your theme.

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