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Product Page (PDP) -> keep your users engaged
Product Page (PDP) -> keep your users engaged
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Activating Whatmore on PDP impacts your engagement and finally your conversions the most. This is the last point of sales in the engagement journey of your customer, so it's very important that you showcase best possible and impactful content to your customers at this stage.

You can chose from a variety of templates designed to suit your specific requirements.


Disable popup after user scrolls : if you think the popup is overlapping some text when user scrolls, you can chose this option.


PDP-Carousel -> you can chose this option to showcase multiple videos per product on your PDP pages, another reason being if you like embeds more than popups you can go for this template.

Activate in just 2-steps:

Activate Whatmore App-EmbedCustomize Size and Position

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